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How It All began..

Herbertpur Christian Hospital is a 120 bedded hospital started in 1934 by a British Missionary doctor, Dr. Geoffrey Lehmann. Dr. Lehmann and his wife had the heart to reach out the medical services to the poor and marginalised people in this sub Himalayan range. They pioneered their work in a village called Herbertpur which was 40 km away from the nearest railway station (Dehradun). At that time there was not a single allopathic doctor in the vicinity of Herbertpur except for some Veds and Hakims who practiced their traditional healing arts.
The fame of the hospital grew within no time and people from different villages accessed the services of this hospital. Dr. Lehmann was concerned about the many patients with eye disease going untreated, so he qualified as an Ophthalmologist and began Eye Camps as well as the Eye program at the hospital. Dr. Lehmann was the only doctor in the hospital for most of the 40 years he was working here. On 1st July 1973, Herbertpur Hospital became an incorporated member of the Emmanuel Hospital Association (EHA) which is a chain of mission hospitals in the North and North-east part of the country.

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