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Community Clinics

Mental Health Clinic:

To fill the treatment gap in a low resource setting, Shifa Mental Health project along with Lehmann Hospital, run fortnight mental health clinic in the community. Till date project had registered around 625 Persons with Mental Disorders (PWMDs), having invariably common as well as severe mental disorders. Apart from the medical treatment, clinic also offers psycho-social counselling through one to one and one to group approach.

As a part of follow-up and treatment adherence plan, patient home visits are organised with the support of trained community mental Health Volunteers (MHVs). During home visits, MHVs assist the care-giver in managing the mental health issues at household level, educate them about the illness, side effects of medicine, importance of treatment adherence and how they engage in small household activities and business so that recovery would be enhanced.

Medical Outreach Gujjar Clinic:

Van Gujjars (or simply called Gujjars) are a tribe of nomadic water buffalo herders whose lives revolve around caring and finding food for their animals. When the summers start, they migrate up into the Himalayas and as the cold sets in October, they head back down to the Shivalik foot hills. Few of the Gujjars have stopped migrating and settled in the colonies provided by the government. The Gujjar Colony located in the Sirmour district of Himachal Pradesh, is home to about such 150 families. It was 18 years ago, that Lisa, a foreigner, visited this community and stayed with them for three and half years. During her stay, she established strong relationships with the families and catered to their medical needs. After witnessing the death of a person with Tuberculosis, Lisa sought partnership with HCH to help people’s medical needs. Fortnightly medical camps are being conducted along with health education by our nursing students. The services are active till date.